This Week In AWS Community: 2022 Year In Review

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Hey everybody! It’s that time of year! I am doing my 2022 Year In Review



  • Getting accepted into year 2 of AWS Community Builders
  • Received the AWS Certified Specialty Challenge discounted exam voucher
  • Qualified for SageMaker and a couple of beta services
  • Interviewing for AWS twice
  • Having someone from AWS personally recommend me for a machine learning position


Biggest AWS Accomplishment


Getting accepted into year two of AWS Community Builders


Biggest Disappointment


Not being able to sit for my AWS Solutions Architect Professional due to illness in the summer and being too busy in the fall


2023 Crystal Ball

I see myself working in a full-time remote cloud engineer job. I am taking the initiative to learn Git and GitHub so that I am pull and publish code in my repository. I am also strengthening my Powershell skills too. I do see myself returning back to Washington, DC.

I do see myself passing my AWS Solutions Architect Professional, AWS Security Specialty and AWS Machine Learning Specialty. I have the MS Certified Cybersecurity Architect Expert so having an AWS professional certification is fitting for my multi-cloud career. The AWS Security would be a great fit for me since I already have 2 Microsoft Security certifications. Finally, since I am in the machine learning track it would only be right to pass my AWS machine learning specialty certification.

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