This Week In AWS Community: After The Application Closes

The AWS Community Builder application closed this past Monday. That does not mean that you stop.


NO! You Must Keep Going And Build Your Portfolio!


When I applied in March 2021, I still kept participating in the 100 Days of Cloud receiving my Azure Administrator Associate and Microsoft Security Fundamentals certifications. There was NO QUIT in me!


                There Should Not Be Any In You Either!


You should still be participating in labs, learning paths, blogging and doing hackathons. Even now that I’ve been in the program since May, I have created my This Week in AWS Community blog series, received my AI-100 Azure AI Engineer certification, actively participating in promoting the new AWS Community Builder application process, and making the rounds with the independent service providers. You have to have the same dedication and drive before applying that you had when you applied.


                This Cloud Journey Is Every Day Not Time To Time


I am currently in Day 425 of 100 Days of Cloud and I am still grinding learning more and setting new more challenging goals. Right now I am studying to pass my Terraform Associate certification. This will be my first DevOps certification. I have been multi-cloud for over 2 years but now I am getting into the IT side of continuous integration (CI)/continuous deployment (CD). I am already ITIL 4 certified so I know about the IT service management (ITSM) side of CI/CD.

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