AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : An Abrupt End To It All


Wow is all that I can say!

Yesterday when I posted on the Slack thread asking about the 5pm technical training session, someone told me that last week’s was the final session for this cohort. I am like Wow because Thursday they held office hours. I was just thankful that I snagged my free exam voucher during the cohort. My program goal still is to pass my Solutions Architect Associate exam this June.

Before Friday This Happened

This has been a very busy week towards studying Solutions Architect Associate certification exam. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I want to be certified ahead of June 23rd graduation. I mean it is only right to have that goal because this program has started on April 27th.

It has also been busy because I have attended all of the workshops. I am in the USA so I normally don’t attend the Australia Sunday night workshops but since it was covering Serverless Application Model (SAM) and X-Ray, I want to attend. Well, although the AWS technical trainer hasn’t covered X-Ray, she has covered CloudFormation and SAM.

Tip – She also taught us the different use cases between elastic beanstalk vs. CloudFormation. Elastic Beanstalk is more higher level, whereas, CloudFormation is do-it yourself. That makes sense since elastic beanstalk is Platform As A Service (PaaS).

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