This Week In AWS Community : Approved For Year 2

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Great news! AWS Community Builders approved me for another year!  I received the email yesterday morning. I was so happy because that meant that I would learn even more about AWS and cloud but also have another year this blog series!

I rarely shoot videos for this series (this may change with year 2) but watch my thank you video


Now to the nitty gritty:

How did I get my renewal application approved?

  • Consistency:I started This Week In AWS Community blog post in June 2021 one month after getting accepted into the program. I have been diligently blogging about AWS and this program every single week since (You can go and check the archives here.). That means that I have 11 months’ worth of content.
  • Continuous Learning: I have been attending AWS machine learning events to improve my knowledge of the material. I have also applied and gotten accepted into AWS She Builds training program to renew my Solutions Architect Associate certification. I am doing something AWS-related to become a better professional.
  • Visibility: You are seen as an AWS ambassador when you are in the AWS Community Builder program. How well your content performs is a determination of being accepted into the program. I have used my This Week In AWS Community blog series to increase my website traffic . The program manager liking my content especially on LinkedIn and YouTube helps because he’s an advocate on my behalf.

What’s Next for Year 2?

I am ramping up my content, visibility and learning by doing more. Year 1 has given me a baseline into what I should expect. Below are my year 2 goals:

  • Land a full-time cloud job. I did land an Azure contract but I am aiming for a full-time job in the industry.
  • AWS Community Hero: I mean why not especially since I am creating content and helping others get certified.
  • Pass My AWS Solutions Architect Professional: I was studying for this in April but sitting for the SC-100 Cybersecurity Architect beta exam got in the way. I will restart this after renewing my Solutions Architect Associate this May.
  • Pass My Machine Learning Specialty: I am in the machine learning track so why not? Besides I am much more confident in my intermediate and advanced-level cloud skills now versus when I started the program. Since starting AWS Community Builders, I passed my Azure AI Engineer certification, so I had accumulated enough AI/ML knowledge to get to the next level.
  • Get another voucher and sit for either Security or Big Data: I have two Microsoft Security certifications (and probably three by July 2022). I want my AWS learning to mirror my Azure learning. Getting another free exam voucher will help me get closer towards that.

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