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I have received a response on Twitter asking me if I have landed any work during my 700+ days of cloud. I reply that I have plus many other opportunities. This exchange is the topic of this week’s blog installment. It is also timely since I am getting cloud interviews too.


Being in AWS Community Builders has helped me grow professionally through learning AWS but also network. Unlike AWS She Builds CloudUp where you register for the program, you must submit an application and work samples to be considered for AWS Community Builders. Some of the AWS content creators that you frequently see on major tech blogs and social media are members. To be a part of this group and be accepted the first time that I have applied meant that I have had the right stuff. It also shows employers that I take cloud seriously.

Regarding this weekly blog series, I want to do my job of chronicling my experience and learning in public to help you the reader. I am very big on consumer protection. Not all programs are created equal which is why I document what is going on. The good, the bad and the ugly gets printed in between these blog pages. The AWS Community Builders has given one of the best volunteer programs by far because it offers high-quality FREE stuff that you can use towards boosting your content and career.

This being July, I have a lot of big things on the horizon. I cannot tell you right now but things are really going to pop! I cannot wait to share them with you when I do!

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