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As you know I was accepted into year 2 of the AWS Community Builders program. Tuesday, may 31, 2022 out of nowhere I received the $500 credits email. To say that I was over the moon was an understatement. This whole year I battled constant account closure emails. It got so bad that I opened up a new AWS account> I was thinking about putting these credits onto the new account.


I was also thinking about using this new accounts to run SageMaker and other AI/ML products to pass my AWS machine learning certification (I am on the machine learning track. My year 1 goal was passing the AWS machine learning specialty cert but life got in the way.). I will be getting my AWS machine learning cert this year.

Speaking of AWS certification, I did not get my AWS Solutions Architect Professional. I was sick with an earache/toothache the entire weekend coming into May 31, 2022. I also misjudged my exam start time. I thought I booked 11:45pm but I booked 11:15pm. Well, at least I was enrolled in the AWS Community Builders program so that I got to try again.

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