This Week In AWS Community : Challenging Myself

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This Monday, AWS opened the AWS Certified Specialty challenge where you’ll qualify for 50% off a specialty certification exam. Machine learning is one of the 6 specialty certifications. And as an AWS Community Builder on the machine learning track.




I will admit that as of right now I am leaning towards security because I have been dedicating myself towards cybersecurity this whole 2022. I have received my SC-200 Security Operations Analyst and my SC-100 Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect Expert certifications. I have been working through IAM (identity and access management) this year so why change it?

I am just happy that AWS Community Builder lets you get a free exam voucher which I have already submitted my paperwork for AWS Solutions Architect Professional.




The SAP current exam will retire November 14, 2022 I am on the clock for this one versus security specialty or machine learning. Besides SAP is a professional-level certification just like SC-100. I am a multi-cloud person (more than one cloud provider). Being an AWS SAP means that I have an expert-level certification in two clouds. I am very real about being the best.




I have registered for 3 of the 4 beta opportunities. You qualify for these when you’re in AWS Community Builder. I am happy that these betas are not tied to your specific learning track. These are monitoring since I am preparing from security specialty. I mean there can be some overlap with Solutions Architect Professional too because monitoring is essential to reduce a cyberattack.

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