This Week In AWS Community: Cloud Security

Hey everybody! I am back off my birthday and with an all-new installment of This week in AWS Community. This week I have had my first independent service provider (ISV) meetings. Things are picking up around here.


What I am very happy about is that the company’s security app is something that cloud security engineers and cloud administrators would love. The app has a feature where when an alarm is breached then the system can send either a ticket, Slack or some other alert type to everyone or specific individuals.

Having worked in a helpdesk, I know how managers ride you about maintaining high availability and the service level agreement. I may even try to make an app just to test it out. I know that it will be buggy but at least I have tried. Maybe I will even write about my app creation process on Who knows.

Honestly, the cloud security meeting is a detour from my machine learning track. However, cloud security is work that I have done. This helps me when I am in the meetings because I understand all of the backend stuff. I am still pursuing my AWS machine learning specialty certification once I clear out some more certification backlogs this month of August.

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