This Week In AWS Community : Community Help


Yes! I am receiving community help directly from AWS Community Builders. Last week I told you about landing the November 6, 2021 PyLadies Tunis AWS machine learning talk. (You can still register by clicking this link!)

I have reached out the AWS Community Builder program manager for help because I know that he’s connected. He refers me to a machine learning expert within the program. See this is why it pays to be in the program because I cannot get this type of ‘assist’ from anywhere else. The expert has given me two resource links to help me prep my presentation.

Also I have worked on one of the AWS SageMaker tutorials where I’ve used Python. It is essential to be able to do labs and walk my way through the material. Now I feel much more confident. So much so that I am returning back to studying SC-200 and AZ-500 exams (I’ll still go through my Whizlabs AWS machine learning specialty).

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