This Week In AWS Community : Completing My Udacity AWS Machine Learning Nanodegree

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This is a big day here in this weekly blog series: I have completed my Udacity AWS machine learning specialty nanodegree program. This has helped me better learn AWS machine learning but also Git (version control), Python (programming) and object-oriented programming.


I will also see if I am one of the first 325 participants who have scored the highest in the nanodegree program to qualify for the scholarship. The scholarship decision will be in November. I do see myself receiving my AWS machine learning specialty certification way before then.

The scholarship program link says that it closes September 15, 2022

I want to keep my learning going so I will go either with Datacamp Machine Learning for Business or Cloud Academy’s AWS machine learning (I get a free subscription from AWS Community Builders). Or I can complete the Frank Kane Udemy course this weekend.

I am also thinking about going ahead this month and learning Python just so that I can branch out and do other things. I am looking at the Datacamp Python Fundamentals track. I want to be well-rounded. One thing’s for certain: I am passing my AWS machine learning specialty exam the first time to become multi-cloud in AI/ML (I already am Azure AI Engineer certified).

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