This Week In AWS Community: Getting My Assignment

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Things are starting to pick up over. I have gotten accepted May 15, 2021, attended the online onboarding webinar on June 3, 2021 and now I am starting to receive interest in my first AWS Community Builder assignment.

This assignment would be with independent services provides (ISV). I legit did not know what an ISV was until after my conversation with the person at AWS. Once I googled the term, all of these search results popped up spanning all different cloud providers beyond AWS. This ISV things is huge. I will check it out.


With that iron in the fire, I am beefing up my artificial intelligence and machine learning knowledge (I am on the machine learning track after all.). Out of nowhere someone else from AWS emails me about my AWS Machine Learning Summit experience. Their records say that I registered but not attended. This is not true. Not only did I attend but I connected with an AWS machine learning engineer. In addition, I tell them that I attended the event because I was an AWS Community Builder on the machine learning track. Getting my AWS machine learning specialty certification and becoming an AWS machine learning hire are my goals.

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