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Happy Friday everyone! I have a great announcement: I am in the AWS Community Builder Global Directory! I must shout out Jon Bonso, fellow Community Builder, for this link. He has posted it on LinkedIn and immediately I share it. Jon Bonso runs Tutorials Dojo, one of the premier AWS and (now Azure) exam prep practice questions companies. I have never failed an AWS or Azure certification exam using his tests. You too can purchase tests here through Tutorials Dojo.


I am happy to be in the global directory. I want people to be able to search and find me. It is also an achievement because I want people to know that I am good enough to be selected into the AWS Community Builders volunteer program. Not everyone gets accepted. In my cycle only ΒΌ got in with 1200 applicants. In future cycles that percentage is even less with more applications. This AWS Community Builder program is the best of the best. My entry into the global directory reflects that.

Once again, check it out here.


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