This Week In AWS Community: Hanging On By A Thread

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Big Time Development People: I have received this machine learning survey because I am on the machine learning track. The other AWS community manager says in her email to type a random 12-string code in the Slack thread once you’re done to qualify to win a prize. Stumped I email her asking where is this Slack thread at because I cannot find it. Come to find out that here I am in year 2 and have not been added to the AWS machine learning Slack thread the whole time. I am in complete disbelief. I also learn that there are office hours too. I will ask about receiving the specialty AWS free exam voucher since there is a machine learning specialty exam.

I am just completely flabbergasted at this little known fact because I would be much farther along has I known about this machine learning thread. However, right now my foci are landing a full-time cloud job, renewing my AWS Solutions Architect Associate and passing my AWS Solutions Architect Professional

Postscript – I attended the evening office hours and let’s just say that it lived up to its billing. It was completely unstructured and just a whole bunch of men rambling. I will attend another one that actually has a schedule and itinerary.

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