This Week In AWS Community : Heroes Amongst Us

All of you know that I am in the AWS Community Builder program. What I haven’t known is that there are AWS Heroes amongst us. This is huge because AWS Heroes are those who AWS has highlighted as exemplary in their respective fields.


AWS Heroes is one of my goals. I’ve promised myself that if I reapply and get accepted back into AWS Community Builder for a second year then becoming an AWS Hero is one of my goals (I mean I have to have something to show for it). I do know and have worked with some AWS Heroes. It is great to learn and see what AWS wants in order to be selected.

Thus far I am in year one and have given a machine learning talk with Pyladies Tunis so I do feel that I am putting my work out there. Furthermore, I have helped other professionals obtain their AWS certifications through my blog.

I devote time on this blog series to mention other programs like AWS Heroes because I want you, the reader, to know more about them.

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