This Week In AWS Community : Hobnobbing And Professionalism

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Even though this past Monday was Labor Day, this has been a busy week over there. I have been doing both machine learning and AWS Solutions Architect Professional. These are two separate AWS certifications; however, when these opportunities present themselves I must take advantage.


Machine Learning


Yesterday I attended the HBCU Connect Amazon Alexa Shopping career event. It has an AI break room. This was right up my alley because getting my AWS machine learning specialty certification was one of my AWS Community Builder goals. Alexa is AI powered so that would be a job that I could do.

I did not ask any questions because I wanted to hear what the employee had to say about AI/ML. Even though none of the other students mentioned SageMaker (the employee did mention Python), I felt that I would have to know that. I would also be beefing up my knowledge of Lex, Polly and Transcribe.


AWS Solutions Architect Professional


I am in Learn to Cloud. This is a free cloud computing learning group that has started on Twitter. I have completed its AZ-700 Bicep learning path to receive a free exam voucher which I have used to pass my MS-900 for a Microsoft 365 Moderator chat job application (I did get the job. I did get some great knowledge about how Microsoft was re-aligning the MS-900 towards being the first Microsoft 365 exam en route to ultimately getting your SC-100).

Back to the group. The two co-founders have their most recent podcast about certifications. They’re both going for professional certifications this year. I am too. I’ve commented that the time is right for me to become a certified professional. I have been doing cloud for 4 years straight. I am already a Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect. This is year 2 for the AWS Community Builders. It is only right to cap off my final year armed with an AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification!


FYI – Shhhh Beta Program


I have been a beta program for 2 weeks now checking out software. This is one of such opportunities you would receive if you get accepted into AWS Community Builder. I will admit that I do not have much GitHub knowledge so I will be working on that. I do see that as something to make me a better cloud professional.

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