This Week In AWS Community: I Knew More AWS Than I Thought

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Last week Wednesday, April 13, 2022, I had a survey with someone from the AWSome Day certification and training division. Full Disclosure: I would receive a gift card for my participation.




The conversation started off good with him asking me about AWSome Day and what my thoughts were then he asked me about certification. That was when I told him that I received in-person training from Ohio Means Jobs Cuyahoga County to earn my Certified Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect Associate. Furthermore, I was currently studying to pass my Solutions Architect Professional. Moreover, I was an AWS Community Builder on the machine learning track. That dazzled him!

He then asked me about what other resources I used to pass my exams. I told him and provided him with the reference links from the AWS Community Hero, Andrew Brown and AWS Data Hero Maarek in the Chime chat. Then I told him about Jon Bonso, a fellow AWS Community Builder for the practice exams. In my brain I am thinking ‘look you go to be stamped in order from me to buy from you and for you to be selling these AWS products. I mean I am an AWS Community Builder so there was some type of credibility with that.’

He then told me that ‘most people who attended AWSome Day were at the beginning stages of learning AWS. You were quite advanced.’. That was the bomb drop for me.

He was right. I was an advanced AWS user. My tunnel vision was so bad that I did not see that being an AWS Community Builder, receiving two AWS certifications and studying to pass my AWS Solutions Architect Professional meant that I was an advanced AWS user. This lifted my spirits encouraging me that I would pass my AWS Solutions Architect Professional (at the time I was bombing the practice tests).

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