This Week In AWS Community : Interview Ready

I often use this blog series to talk about the perks: well this is another one of those times.



I was interviewing for a Senior Cloud Engineer position with an AWS partner and I mentioned that I was enrolled in AWS Community Builder. The recruiter was very impressed. I kept telling everyone although Community Builders was a volunteer program, it still carried a lot of weigh. Many companies, especially those that used AWS, wanted applicants who knew AWS. This distinction separated me from other applicants because AWS thought that I was good enough to be in the program. That meant I would be good enough to work for them.

Being co-signed by AWS is a big resume booster. Think of it this way: AWS is a part of FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google). Being in AWS Community Builders puts you in that ecosystem. You get to understand the work, the environment, the people, the culture, everything that you would not have gotten if you’re on the outside (I’ve blogged about being in the inside right here because I don’t want people steering you wrong).

What’s Next?

I’ll keep learning and interviewing. I will start my AWS machine learning specialty studies in January 2022 (I am so busy this year!). However, I will pass especially since I have a fee exam voucher, one of the many perks of being in the AWS Community Builders.

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