This Week In AWS Community: Keeping Score

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A lot has happened since last week. I am back with learning how to make an app. The independent service provider has a security scorecard and app integrations. I know that need to have this skill but I am so busy right now. I have two Microsoft Azure certifications, and Oracle Cloud recertification process.

However, I will do an AWS app because I think that app development would be something that would help me professionally. Also I can set a goal of creating my own app for my website.

I am also wanting to learn more about MemoryDB because there is so much hype (and so much bad press along with it). I do want to learn the new product line just in case I have to use it on my database.

Finally, the AWS program manager on our Slack channel about content marketing. Like I have told you, content marketing is big because as an AWS Community Builder you are a brand ambassador. My goal with This Week in AWS Community blog series is giving you a peek behind the rainbow. I will check out the content marketing replay to better help my site.

I will keep you posted in an all-new installment of This Week in AWS Community!

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