This Week In AWS Community : Machine Learning Expert

Hey everybody! I have had given my PyLadies Tunis machine learning talk last week Saturday. I was completely honored. The president found me via my website’s Facebook Messenger.


I am bringing this to your attention because being an AWS Community Builder is not something that is in isolation. Other people (around the world in my case) know about you. This is a great thing. I would have never received these types of opportunities had it not been for AWS Community Builder.

My machine learning talk focused on SageMaker but I also added several important machine learning algorithms that were on the AWS machine learning specialty certification. I wanted to make my presentation relevant to my audience. It was one thing to learning about AWS machine learning services. It was another to be proficient and have portable skills. Obtaining the AWS machine learning specialty certification was a way to showcasing proficiency.

What’s Next?

Right now I am awaiting the video replay so that I can share with you! In the meantime, I am returning back to AWS Community Builder webinars and maybe tinkle with SageMaker from time to time. It is very busy over here on my end.

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