This Week In AWS Community: Machine Learning Mojo

Great news – I am speaking to the PyLadies Tunisia chapter November 6, 2021! My talk will be about AWS, SageMaker and machine learning. I am completely honored that these ladies have selected me.


This means that I am delving deeper into AWS machine learning. What I will say are 2 things: 1) People take stock in your being an AWS Community Builder and 2) my 2 azure AI/ML certifications have given me significant transferable skills when studying up on machine learning.

When you’re an AWS Community Builder, the tech community takes notice. This is why every Friday I release a This Week In AWS Community blog post to help those who are interested in becoming one. Remember, Amazon is a FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) company so it’s high-profile.

I am also open to speaking on IT, cloud and project management topics. Check out my speaking page for my videos. I would forward to hearing from you soon!



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