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I have I am spreading my wings and flying outside of the AWS nest because I need to beef up my machine learning knowledge. This is a very hot field. I also want to be multi-cloud in AI/ML since I am already an Azure AI Engineer.




This week I have received a Udacity AWS machine learning scholarship email in my inbox. It is offering FREE machine learning for students completing its AWS machine learning track. All of the scholarship application entails is a survey to see if you know enough statistics, linear algebra and machine learning to complete the course (which I do). There is also an essay.

Udacity shoots me back an email saying that I am a scholarship recipient and that I am in. Immediately I complete the first 30-minute module. I am NOT passing up anything AWS and FREE! I am all about using this learning path to study and pass my AWS machine learning specialty as soon as my FREE exam voucher comes in.




I also completed the DataCamp Machine Learning for Everyone course two weeks ago. I received the FB Flames Foundations scholarship for a 1-year DataCamp membership. I would say that my prior machine learning knowledge and Azure AI certification came to my aid because I managed to get most of the questions right the first try.


Machine Learning Brain Teaser As A Cloud Interview Question


I also had Product Manager interview with another major cloud company (not AWS!). This was my first phone interview. That man went into the brain teaser asking me questions on machine learning classification questions. I thank God that I had that knowledge along with US Census Bureau, statistical sampling and survey background to be able to get to the next round. Whew!

Look, machine learning is out here helping me out inside and outside of AWS. Who knew?! I will keep everyone updated on my machine learning progress.


Don’t Forget


That the AWS Community Builders application window is still open. Apply in between now and July 17, 2022! Good luck!

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