This Week In AWS Community : Mentoring And Content Aspirations

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This has been an amazing week in AWS. I have had so many people like my AWS content and am (finally!) being rewarded for my AWS studies and work. I know that it has taken me a while (well over 1 year in the AWS Community Builder) but now I am finally positioning myself towards being a mentor and getting credit for my AWS content.


I check one of my content favs on Twitter for new job opportunities and there is a paid mentorship posted. Immediately I type a cover letter and send this, my resume and cloud certifications to the contact person. She responds saying that there is a June AWS cohort. I mean I reply saying that I am available immediately for the June cohort and have submitted my two AWS certifications. Since this mentorship would require AWS code, I will start using my new $500 credits and watching AWS code YouTube videos to beef up on that. Furthermore, I will ask her if the programming code is YAML, JSON or Powershell (It matters.).

                Storytime: This past week it has just clicked that I was doing technical writing the entire time on my blog. I focused on three areas: IT, cloud computing and project management. I have been doing this since 2015 but it hasn’t clicked until this week that I am a technical writer. The day I apply for technical writing jobs, I receive an email from a top IT company wanting to speak with me. I am like ‘Yes! I am on a roll!’

Speaking of content, I have learned that some of my AWS Community Builder peers have received special t-shirts for being top content creators. Um, I have been doing it for over one year. However, now it is time to up the ante because I am receiving that t-shirt next time! Mark my words!

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