This Week In AWS Community : My Biggest 2022 Accomplishment

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My Biggest 2022 Accomplishment

Last Friday night I received an email from the AWS Community Builder Program Manager asking us what was our biggest 2022 accomplishment. Immediately I replied saying my passing my Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect Expert beta exam. That was my first expert cloud certification. I also took that certification and petitioned the ISC2 to add the Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect Expert to the CISSP approved credential list. Here is the link

(While I searching for this link, I’ve come across seeing ISC2 adding SC-200 Security Operations Analyst and SC-300 IAM Administrator on the list. ISC2 removed the other Microsoft Expert certification that I compared Cybersecurity Architect Expert to when I originally emailed ISC2. Adding those two Microsoft associate certifications mean that you don’t have to get the expert certification to receive 1 year off of the 5-year full-time cybersecurity work requirement.).

That was my biggest accomplishment because I felt that after 3-4 years in cloud computing, that I was comfortable enough to call myself an expert. I had enough experience underneath my belt to do so.

The AWS Community Builder program manager shrieked and was happy about my accomplishment. She asked me was I going for any more certifications in 2023. I replied yes that my aim was to pass the AWS security specialty and AWS machine learning specialty (I am on the machine learning track) certifications. I’d also may be get my AWS solutions architect professional since I already had a Microsoft cloud expert certification. The program manager later sent me the once a year certification voucher benefit.

What’s Next For 2023?


That email got me thinking about 2022 in review. I was happy for all of the progress yet as of right now still did not land a big cloud offer. I felt that I was due a senior cloud position in very early 2023 because of all of the work that I put in to bring it to reality.

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