This Week In AWS Community : New Year New Opportunities

Happy New Year everybody! Here’s to 2022 and even more prosperity and opportunity than in 2021.


I am starting this New Year with the new opportunity that I am pursuing: AWS Subject Matter Expert (SME) Program. I have learned about this program from looking at the backend of my AWS certification profile. It say claim benefit so I (first) check out the program link. I see that I qualify because I have two AWS certifications. I also see that this program requires my completing the SME Program course on AWS Skill Builder (review coming in the January 14, 2022 blog post).

I’ve decided to finish this course first ahead of applying for the SME program to bolster my chances at acceptance. Furthermore, having completed an Azure exam prep question contract, Certified Tech Trainer exam and serving as a beta exam tester, I know that I can pass this AWS SME Program course. It’s 2 ½ hours long. I’ve completed it on New Year’s weekend and then spruced up my resume and applied.

I see my participating in this program as a way to help more people become AWS certified. I also want to increase my AWS knowledge and becoming an AWS SME takes me to the next level. Finally, becoming an AWS SME while in the AWS Community Builder program means that I am effectively using all of my available resources to become a better professional.

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