This Week In AWS Community: Newbie No More

Last week there were a new class of AWS Community Builders so that meant that I was no longer a newbie. So this post will be nostalgia about all of the things that I have done and learned since May 2021.

  • Get on the radar of the program manager
  • Know what you want to accomplish while in the program
  • Never be afraid to ask


Get On The Radar Of The AWS Community Builder Program Manager

I have learned that you have to show initiative and keep going to get an assignment. I have constantly stood out amongst my class allowing me to get on the program manager’s radar. This is something I would tell the new Community Builders to do. Make sure that you’re on the radar by putting yourself out there and being proactive. I am in machine learning and I’ve told the program manager that I want my free voucher for the AWS machine learning specialty exam. I mean I am on the machine learning track so why not?




Know What You Want To Accomplish While In The Program

It is essential to always think about what you want to achieve. This AWS Community Builder is a highly visible program. Whenever I bring it up in interviews, the interviewers are happy. That means that you’re competent. For me being on the machine learning track it was

  • Pass my AWS machine learning specialty certification – that would be my second AI/ML certification along with AI-100
  • Learn more about AWS AI/ML
  • Network and land a full-time job with AWS as a machine learning engineer or technical program manager

I do see myself accomplishing all of these goals before next May 2022 when my 1-year is up.

Never Be Afraid To Ask

Finally, never be afraid to ask. I have asked and gotten things. Remember, the AWS Community Builders Program is around 2 years old. It is still growing. You may have thought about something that AWS has not. The worst thing would be that you’d get a no. The best thing could be a yes.

These are my top 3 things as of right now. I do see myself updating even adding to this list each time there is a new Community Builder class. Good luck!

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