This Week In AWS Community: November Notes

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Okay everyone! I have skipped one week because last week Thursday night I passed my GCP Cloud digital Leader. I was exhausted and decided that since not too much was going on in the AWS world, that I skipped posting a This Week In AWS Community post.

I do have a second confession to make: I have dropped taking the AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification exam by the current retirement’s deadline for these reasons: 1) I did not have enough time and 2) the marketplace is changing.


The Marketplace Is Changing?


Yes, Amazon has announced a hiring freeze on everything but sales and marketing. This includes cloud computing. I am okay because I have been working on building my sales and marketing muscle first with community college (see here) and through my Hootsuite social media certifications.

Backstory – I have an MBA in marketing so I am already in Marketing. In addition, as a current student, I qualify for free Microsoft fundamentals certification exams vouchers which I have been pursuing too.

Amazon has free Amazon Ads certification for those who are Amazon sellers. This will be one of my pivots.


Pivoting Is Essential


Pivoting from one industry to another is indispensable in the job field. Pivoting has saved me during this pandemic because I was able to go from project management to cloud computing. This is a different type of pivot; but, I will be doing more of the same: assessing my current transferable skills and seeing where else I can bring value to growing industries.

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