This Week In AWS Community : Planning For Year Three

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Happy New Year everybody! I hope that your 2023 is off to a wonderful start! 



I have gotten a piece a great news last week Friday regarding the AWS Community Builder program. I learn that there is no term limit on being an AWS Community Builder. Originally I thought that two years is the maximum tenure. However, last week I learned from the AWS Community Builder program manager that I could renew every single year.

Oh boy it is on! I have so many AWS career goals that I want to reach. I am staying in this program as long as possible to ensure that I realize all of them.


2023 AWS Goals


  • Land an AWS cloud job
  • Pass my AWS security specialty certification
  • Pass my AWS machine learning specialty certification
  • Renew my AWS Community Builder application for year 3
  • Pass my AWS Solutions Architect Professional


Land An AWS Cloud Job


Last year I interviewed for an AWS education technical program manager. I went all the way until the end but did not get picked (there was some mess associated with my not receiving interview prep). However, with the creation of AWS advocacy and my accumulating more cloud experience, I do see myself landing a cloud role this year.


Pass My AWS Security Specialty Certification


I received my 50% discounted exam voucher from participating in the AWS Certified Specialty Challenge. I would use this to pass my exam. Furthermore, word was that this was the easiest specialty exam. I wanted to receive this AWS security certification because I already had the Microsoft security certification. Being multi-cloud in cybersecurity would be great.


Pass My AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification


Well, I am on the machine learning track. It is only right that I get this one. Moreover, I already have the Azure AI Engineer certification so I would be multi-cloud in AI/ML.


Renew My AWS Community Builder Application For Year 3


I am looking forward towards my third year. Coming into May 2023 I will get two AWS certifications, blogging This Week In AWS Community blog series consistently for two years, and landing a full-time AWS cloud job. My year 3 goal is to become an AWS Community Hero. I have been putting in the work for it.


Pass My AWS Solutions Architect Professional


I think that this is my ultimate career goal. Being the professional would mean a lot to me. I am already Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect Expert.

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