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Hey there everybody! It is another Friday and that means an all-new This Week In AWS Community. As you know if you’ve been reading that the AWS Community Builder renewal deadline is May 1, 2022; and that I want to get my Solutions Architect Professional (SAP) certification this month to submit it as a part of my application.


However I have also been motivated by the job market. Having lost a job due to my not having it but having the free exam voucher reinvigorated me to pass it by April 15th. I have been studying, using and working with AWS since May 2019. The SAP says that you should have at least 2 years’ experience. I have 3 and right now I do believe that I am ready to get SAP certified and stamp myself as a cloud expert.



Returning back to my SAP exam prep studies, I have completed not ONE but TWO SAP exam prep courses to get me ready to pass it. The first one is Whizlabs. I have a subscription so I have access to all of the courses. I have learned quite a bit from Whizlabs. I will be doing Jon Bonso’s SAP practice exams because I have always passed my AWS exams using Bonso. I may buy Skillcertpro SAP practice exams because I have always passed whenever using them too.


I also have finished SAP course (which came from Packt Publishing [I have a subscription to Packt too so imagine my surprise when its logo came on my screen]). I have bought the practice exam because I have already bought the course. I also like because whenever I am tired, I can always do the test set practice questions. The test sets are 10 to 25 questions versus 55 to 60 full practice test set questions. I get to make progress without draining my energy sitting through 55 to 60 questions.


Completing these two courses plus working my way through the test set have helped me better learn the SAP content. I will also say that yesterday it clicked in my brain that Jon Bonso’s SAP practice exams have sampler and different modes so if I am tired then I do not have to go through all of the exam questions either. The wordiness and length of the questions can wear me down. However, I know that I must master this in order to pass my SAP. My job search and AWS Community Builder renewal application strongly depends upon it.

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