This Week In AWS Community: Seeking Renewal Advice

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Happy Friday everybody! As you know that AWS Community Builders renewal application window is still open. Even though the Community Builders management is saying that there is no reason to wait until the May 2022 deadline to submit your renewal application, I don’t feel like I want to submit mine now. I want to get advice from other former and current AWS Community Builders who have successfully gone through the renewal process. I mean insider information is key for me.


Personally, I need to maximize my output and pass my AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification. I know that I don’t need the SAP certification because I have been blogging about my program experience since June 2021 but I do want to show that I am actively using the program’s perks. I mean outside of AWS Community Builders, you probably cannot get a free exam voucher.

I will keep all of you posted when I come across and/or receive any renewal application advice. This can help you too if you’re either a current Builder who is not up for renewal yet or you’re interested in applying this summer and want to know the full process.

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