This Week In AWS Community: Service Beta Opportunities


Hey there everybody! I am BACK with an all-new This Week in AWS Community blog post. I have been pursuing service beta opportunities. Service beta opportunities are those where you as a user try on new services. Beta is the phase where you test a service or product before release. AWS has some service beta opportunities so I want to take advantage of them.

I will admit to you that it is slow going and have not received a response yet but I am making sure that I have more than enough irons in the fire.

Other things that I am working on is 100 Days of Cloud and finding more AWS-related webinars and events. Yes, there are many AWS Community Builder webinars and events but I also like finding other outside opportunities.

Finally, I have released my Curated by Carla Twitter newsletter. Every week at Friday 5pm EDT, I release my top 5 things that going on with me this week. This week will be issue 3. The first two issues I have had freebies! So subscribe today!

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