This Week In AWS Community : Survey Says II

These past few weeks and this one in particular I have been inundated with surveys. I have received Amazon Polly surveys from the AWS Community Builder Slack channel and I have received one from Amazon regarding my Solutions Architect Associate certification.


AWS Community Builder Polly Surveys

Whew! That’s a lot of filling out. The Polly survey (for those who don’t know Amazon Polly is an AI survey tool) wants to know how the program and its offerings are. I for one love the free AWS certification voucher. AWS unlike Azure before April 2021 does nothing for free. I have managed to completely upskill myself through the Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge. AWS fundamental certification costs $100, associate certification costs $150 and professional costs $300. Even when you pass your AWS certification and receive 50% off the next certification, your associate still costs $75 and professional costs $150. Receiving that free AWS exam voucher for my machine learning specialty saves me $300!

Another reason why I complete the internal AWS Polly surveys is that I believe that it counts towards participation. I mean they are asking me what I think. This participation is why I am on the radar versus some of my other peers.

AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification Survey

The AWS solutions architect associate certification survey is way more intense that I initially thought. Here I was thinking AWS would just ask me about how I was using the cert. Nope, it went into the deep end about the percentage of my using each domain. I believe that all surveys (not just AWS) should attach a time burden just like the federal government to forms. Give us a heads up!

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