This Week In AWS Community : This Is Why I Do It

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This is a very big week in machine learning and AWS Community Builders for me. My excitement is through the roof because both announcements come out of nowhere.


Udacity AWS Machine Learning Silver Badge


Remember the AWS machine learning engineer scholarship that I’ve received and the coursework that I’ve completed earlier this month? Well, this Tuesday out from nowhere Udacity gives me my silver badge! I am so happy about this because as a member of the machine learning track, I am working very hard towards becoming better in the discipline. I do hope that I get that Udacity scholarship so that I can complete the rest of the course. As of right now until September 15, 2022, the Udacity AWS machine learning scholarship window is still open.


Got A Twitter Shout Out From a New AWS Community Builder


See, this right here is WHY I blog about my AWS Community Builder progress weekly! Someone has tagged me on Twitter about my blog and videos helping him get into the AWS Community Builders program. Here is the AWS Community Builder blog category for the archives! I truly want to give you a peak behind the rainbow about what this program is truly like!



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