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Okay y’all. Transparent moment: I missed my independent service provider (ISV) over someone saying something stupid. I had a mind block and completely forgot about my 12pm meeting.

Well, that happened. Anyway, I still manage to guide and help other AWS Community Builder aspirants with their applications. I am letting you know this because it is essential to document the good, the bad and the ugly.


However that DOES NOT MEAN

that I don’t have anything else that I am working.

O on the contrary, I am busy working on Terraform. Terraform is a a DevOps (development operations) multi-cloud program. I have always been big on multi-cloud for years. Check this very blog where yours truly was mentioning multi-cloud before everyone else.

Now returning back to Terraform. I am studying to pass my Terraform Associate certification because I want to deepen my multi-cloud knowledge. I also get to learn more about coding. Coding is language like Spanish, French, etc. Learning different coding languages is like being multi-lingual (hence multi-cloud!).

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