This Week In AWS Community: Warts And All!

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I am back with an all-new installment.

So I have gotten the news that although I have received my Udacity gold badge for being one of the first 5500 people to complete the AWS Machine Learning Foundations course, I did not receive the scholarship.



I admit that I was bummed because I first received the silver badge and then the gold badge but no scholarship. I want to let you know the full process and the ups and downs with being in the AWS Community Builds Program.


AWS Certified Specialty Challenge Is Ongoing Through December 16, 2022


To that end, the AWS Certified Specialty Challenge is still going on. In between now and December 16, 2022, if you register for the challenge, you would receive a 50% discounted AWS specialty exam voucher for 6 exams, one of them is machine learning. Below are all 6:

  • Advanced Networking
  • Data Analytics
  • Databases
  • Machine Learning
  • Specialty
  • SAP on AWS

No Second Year Swag Kit As Of Yet (It’s Been 6 Months)


Also I have to notify you that this week was the first in like 4-6 weeks that I received an email. Still no second year swag kit yet. Now no swag kit at this late date (6 months after my June 2022 renewal) is disheartening because so much has changed for me professionally. However, I will let everyone know when I do receive it.

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