This Week In AWS Community: We Can Be (AWS) Heroes

Hey everybody! If you are wondering what this title means then I’ll get right to it: this week Amazon Web Services (AWS) has accepted a new round of AWS Heroes. These are people who have achieved a lot in specific areas that promote AWS usage.


Why Am I Mentioning This?

Because this is a different type of AWS program and I have learned and worked with some AWS Heroes namely Andrew Brown from ExamPro. I’ve been an AZ-104 and future AWS machine learning and Terraform Associate course beta tester.

Also if I do decide to reenroll in the AWS Community Builders Program for a second year then becoming an AWS Hero is a must!

P.S. – Don’t forget that the AWS Community Builders Program application period closes Monday, August 30, 2021. You can read my successful 2-step AWS application process. if you need any help in crafting your application. Apply today!

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