This Week In AWS Community : What The AWS Outage Taught Me

This Tuesday there was an AWS outage affecting may websites including Amazon. I ordered two things and they were delayed until AWS came back up. I actually received a shipping refund since my order was delayed.


However, this article is all about what that AWS outage taught me. It has taught me the importance of redundancy and disaster recovery of my files.

I will give you an example: whenever I pass a professional certification, I upload that entire folder from my laptop onto Google Drive. It is my way of archiving everything that I have done in order to pass it. And if I pursue a more advanced certification that uses it as a prerequisite, I can always refer back to it.

I have extended that professional certification practice to my content uploading all of my videos onto Google Drive. This is important because this year a couple of times my power has gone out and my computer has been on the fritz. It is great to know that I can logon anywhere and download something and keep it moving.

Finally, you’ve noticed that I put my things in Google instead of AWS: that is by design. It is called multi-cloud. Multi-cloud is using more than one public cloud. In the US the top 3 public clouds are AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Mixing it up is essential towards multi-cloud because when one goes down just like AWS did this week, you won’t be caught off guard.

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