This Week In AWS Community: When You’re On The Inside

Hey everybody! I am back with an all-new weekly installment; but, this issue will be different. You, see, normally, I talk about myself, the program and anything up and coming regarding Amazon Web Services (AWS). However, this week will be about this new phenomenon that’s happening in Black Tech Twitter about certifications and getting into tech.


I am speaking from someone who is actually doing something in FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google). A lot of these Black Tech Twitter people, even if they’re working in tech aren’t in FAANG. Furthermore, I have been programming, coding , developing (whatever you want to call it) since 1993 in high school. I think after 28 years of something, I am pretty well versed.

Recently there are a whole of tweets saying that you don’t need a tech certification to get a 6-figure job only to be followed by pushing for people to get certifications. This contradiction is why I am writing this article.

Certifications are third-party, impartial arbiters. It is not what I think (partial) or HR preference (partial) but some organization independent of the process. Companies don’t want to get sued by an internal employee who feels that he is passed over for the job.

In addition, certifications are the litmus test to see if you actually know something. 99% of certified professionals, build upon that knowledge and go deeper into the technology. I want to dispel the myth that certification mills are rampant and people are just studying to pass the test and nothing else.

How Do You Get Into Tech?

By focusing and building what the marketplace is requiring. There are too many people building things from these tutorials that no company is hiring for. Then they hear from these ‘gurus’ to post your GitHub link but you’re wasting your time building things that nobody wants.

For the record: I am in AWS Community Builders without one code tutorial on my GitHub. Why? Because I am focusing on things that matter!

What matters?

Surveying the tech landscape, picking what interests you and start seeing the top 5 companies in that niche and learn their products and services. Then find the career pathway to get there.

Tip – I recommend checking out LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the business social media. You can do a job and a certification search to see their viability. Every time I want to pursue a new certification or job, I first tap my LinkedIn network to see what their experiences are.

Well, that’s all for my rant. I just want you to have the real from someone actually doing something AWS-related.

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