This Week In Social Media: IRS Get Payment Tool Video Goes Viral

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IRS Get Payment Tool Video Boosts My YouTube, Twitter and Facebook



The IRS Get My Payment Tool video has gone viral boosting my YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages. You can also read my article here.


I have just received 500 YouTube subscribers and my IRS Get My Payment Tool Is Now Live video has 119 video views. This is awesome to help as many of my subscribers get all of the money entitled to them.

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The IRS Get May Payment Tool pinned Twitter video has nearly 175 views over 100 has come the first night it is posted. I use my Twitter feed to educate people about the SBA businesses. I also include the IRS economic stimulus updates too.

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This video blowing up my Facebook page is the least expected. I scheduled this video through Later releasing it at 9am EST and boom people whom have never liked my page come, comment and share the video. I am very grateful for all of the attention and am happy to have provided viewers with news that they can use.

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