Three Things I’ve Learned On My 1-Year Azure Fundamentals Anniversary

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Today I celebrate 1-year receiving my Azure Fundamentals certification. This one certification has been a game changer for me. It is my first non-Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification and my first 100 Days of Cloud certification (I’ve received my two AWS certifications prior to participating in the 100 Days of Cloud challenge on July 5, 2020.).


Here are the three things that I’ve learned

Sticking To My Guns About Multi-Cloud Pays Dividends

I have been talking about multi-cloud since 2019 when I walked into the Ohio Means Jobs Cuyahoga County (OMJCC) intake office for workforce development, Even though I received AWS-only training, I still feel that learning more than one cloud computing language would enhance my competitive advantage.

And I was right because receiving my Azure Fundamentals certification expanded the number of cloud jobs which I qualified. Yes, AWS was (and still is) the number one market leader in cloud, but many companies are either using more than one public clouds or have clients using different public clouds.

Sometimes You Have Self-Finance

I had to pay $99 for my ‘dream’ (OMJCC paid for my AWS training.). That money did not go to waste. I passed my AZ-900 exam and it paved the way for my receiving my Oracle Foundations Associate (which I had to pay for too.) and several other Azure certifications.

You Have To Step Out OF Your Comfort Zone

Up until now, all of my study resources were AWS: FreeCodeCamp, Maarek and Jon Bonso (Bonso expanded into Azure and GCP. His company had Azure Fundamentals and I used his Azure Administrator Associate practice exams to pass my AZ-104.).

Passing my Azure Fundamentals forced me to create a new exam prep ecosystem. I viewed this as an opportunity to learn more about the Azure side as well other Udemy instructors. I have also passed 5 more Azure certifications and am awaiting the status of my AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate beta exam.

These three lessons learned have helped me along my cloud journey towards not just being Azure certified but also becoming an AWS Community Builder participant and landing a cloud exam prep contract.

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