This Week In AWS Community: Get It In Writing

Hey everybody! This week has been rather enlightening. I’ve blogged about my passing my CompTIA Certified Tech Trainer certification exam this past Saturday night. I was going to use my most recent AWS webinar for the virtual classroom but was surprised to learn that the host did not feel that they would sign off because it was not an hour long, the content, no one asked any questions and I did not go into details.



Well, that was unexpected because they provided me with the video link and the sign-in sheet plus no one really asked questions. I managed to smooth it over but I wanted to use my experience as a teachable lesson to have things in writing so that you’d know the requirements.

On a much happier note, the AWS program manager said that there was a content portal available to the fourth-quarter AWS Community Builders. Now my being a 2nd quarter AWS Community Builder, I would check to see if I had access. If I did then I would let all of y’all know!

Finally, I still had not used any of my AWS credits so I will start this weekend and tell everyone all about it!

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