Top 5 July 2022 Accomplishments

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July has been a transformative month over here at I have received my first expert-level cloud certification; but, that’s not all.


Here are the top 5 July 2022 accomplishments.

  • Passed My SC-100 Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Expert Beta Exam
  • Received More Cloud Interviews
  • Started Tri-C Summer School Session
  • Received Over 800 YouTube Subscribers
  • Met GCP Platform Mentor

Passed My Sc-100 Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Expert Beta Exam

You don’t know how euphoric that moment was when I saw that I passed on my Microsoft beta exam! I took the exam in May and saw all of the other beta exams come out. I was distraught thinking that I would never receive my results. The bad part about it was that I had to surf Twitter to learn about the beta exam results coming out; and, it took another 10 days to receive my congratulatory email and Credly badge.

Best believe that I am going to shout this accomplishment from the rooftops especially since I am one of the FIRST people to achieve this expert-level distinction!

Received More Cloud Interviews

I was happy that I finally caught the eye of cloud companies. It had taken a while to get to this point which was why I was transparent about my job search in my 100 days of cloud posts. Don’t believe the hype that you’ve get 1-2 certs and land a cloud job in 90 days or even 180 days.

My getting these jobs come from videos, blog posts, labs, and hard work; I do feel like I will land something in August.

Started Tri-C Summer School Session

I am very happy to return (online at least) to Cuyahoga Community College for the summer session. It has been 16 years (2006) since I’ve last attended a class (that being intermediate algebra). I am enrolled in two business courses: intro to business and business communications. These classes are teaching me new things as well as how much knowledge I’ve retained over the years. I do keep people abreast of my developments on social media and YouTube (kindly subscribe here!)

Received Over 800 YouTube Subscribers

Yay! I am so happy to have crossed this threshold. This means that I am 80% of the way towards 1000 subscribers! Receiving 1000 subscribers and over 4000 watch hours has been my 2022 YouTube goal. I am getting closer towards reaching it so please subscribe to the BEST in IT, cloud and project management!

Met My Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Mentor

If you’ve been following me here at, you would know that I am enrolled in the Google Cloud Platform Jumpstart Program. This month I have met my mentor which is great because I am making cloud my long-term career option. I have always been a techie so venturing into cloud is the next step. You can also keep up with my GCP adventures in my session recaps!

That’s all for July. I do see things getting even better this August.

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