Top 5 Project Management Lessons Learned in 2018

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I have had so many project management milestones reached last year. Here is my 2018 retrospective.

  1. I am only accepting direct hire and temp-to-hire full-time assignments.

90% of my job as a project manager is communication. I have noticed that when I take only contract-only jobs, there is always a lack of communication. Without any permanency, I find that the client is only talking with the on site program manager.


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  1. Continuous learning is essential.

I have learned some new project management methodologies such as adaptive project framework (APF). Project management is constantly evolving. Learning more about how other people are using it, gives me a broader knowledge.




  1. Video gets my message out quicker.

Video is the highest converter. Recruiters email mine at least once every day over seeing one of my videos on social media or my website. In addition, I have received emails from other brands and companies about project management. I accompany videos with my blogs to increase the engagement rate.


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  1. I am a project management mentor.

I have renewed my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification this past November 2018. This is my second renewal process. I have learned from this that I am at an advanced level. In addition, so many people are coming to me, commenting on my videos and blog posts. I am not just merely a beginning or intermediate project manager but an advanced project manager.

  1. I am a project management influencer.

I have also realized that I am an influencer. Several LinkedIn connections come from Project Management Institute (PMI), the organization that administers the PMP exam. That means that people value my content. I admit that I have been looking at the big project management blogs but after the response that I am receiving, I have considered myself a project management influencer. I have so much coming up for 2019.


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