Top Ten Accomplishments Of 2021

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This is my 2021 year end wrap up on top ten accomplishments of 2021! In order from 1-10.


Accepted Into AWS Community Builders Program

This is my biggest accomplishment of 2021 . If I don’t list anything else then 2021 would be a successful just based on this. For one, AWS is the market leader in cloud. Number two, the acceptance rate is 25% with over 1200 applications.

It is highly competitive. There are so many cloud professionals who don’t get selected into the program. There are also people who have way more cloud experience who have gotten accepted into the later cycle.

This has given me significant transferable skills. I will say that it has laid the foundation for me getting accepted into Deloitte Salesforce Consulting Program because I have already know the inner workings of a highly visible volunteer program.

Passed My AZ-700 Exam

This is the hardest Azure associate exam that I have ever taken I will also say that this is my biggest 2021 cloud certification accomplishment. The AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate really tests if you know cloud networking in general and Azure networking in particular. I have taken the beta exam so there are not too many exam prep materials. This means that you really have to know your stuff. Passing this exam is a morale booster because afterward I feel like I can achieve anything. It has given me the confidence to sit for the AZ-305 Azure Architect Expert beta exam.

Passed My AZ-104

Passing my Azure Administrator Associate retake was a watershed moment in my cloud career (I scored 612/700 the first time because I forgot that I scheduled it). The job floodgates opened because now I was a certified Azure cloud administrator. Furthermore, this certification qualified me for the Azure contract. Although I passed this exam in April, I still had no less than 20 recruiters weekly contacting me for jobs based off of this certification.

Accepted Into Deloitte Salesforce Consulting Select Program

I was not accepted the first time in August 8th. However, I did felt that my getting accepted into the George Washington University (GWU) School of Business Customer Experience Advisory Council moved the needle for me in November 2021 .

I learned so much about both Deloitte and Salesforce. I did learn Salesforce from scratch receiving 3 Trailhead badges. Also I learned that I still had the old Cleveland State University MBA case knowledge and business computation skills to complete the 2-hour technical case assessment. I applied for an interview getting to the next round. What the case study taught me was how much more senior business experience I got than what I gave myself credit for. Breaking Into 100K Alexa Internet has been Alexa Internet Majestic Million (top 1 million websites) since September 2018. Over 3 years later, my site breaks into the 100K threshold! Reaching this milestone has been 6 years in the making. My blog has shifted from eBay and heavily project management to heavily IT and cloud . However, I am grateful to have landed several opportunities from blogging.

Alexa Internet will be retired in 2022. That does not mean that is going anywhere!

Landed Azure Contract 

Initially the company contacted me because I had my AZ-104 certification. However, I landed the contract for the AZ-900 exam prep questions. This was the definitive moment when I could say that I was a cloud professional because someone actually paid me for cloud work. Doing this contract also helped me learn all of the new Azure Fundamentals since last year when I passed it.

Accepted Into GWU Customer Experience Advisory Council Member

This opportunity came out of the blue through my LinkedIn (remember, LinkedIn is the business social media channel). The interviewer used my LinkedIn profile since her system was down. When she was my post, she said that she liked that provided people with knowledgeable content and got accepted into the program.

When I got accepted, this validated my professional career. I received my MBA nearly 20 years ago. Becoming an advisory council member meant that I ‘grew up’ because there weren’t a lot of my contemporaries getting these positions.

Receiving this advisory council position also validated my IT, cloud and project management exam posts because there was a market for it and the business world needed it. Finally, this appointment made me realize that I was doing customer experience the entire time.


ExamPro Beta Tester

I became a beta tester to help out the company who provided so much content on FreeCodeCamp. I used their videos to pass my AWS, Azure and Oracle certifications. I just wanted to help them out.

This was a learning experience in education technology and course creation. It helped me better understand the format and target audience when working on my cloud contract.

Passed My SC-900 – My First Microsoft Beta Exam

Even though this is down on the list, it is still important because this is my first Microsoft beta exam I have decided to sit for this experience because 1) it is new and dealt with security, 2) I have a free exam voucher and 3) I need a pick me up from failing AZ-104 in February.

I received a lot of great things from participating. 1) I passed my certification. 2) I had a Whizlabs promo shot and 3) it has laid the foundation for me to sit for the AZ-700 and AZ-305 beta exams.

Passed My AI-100

Confession – until I sat for this exam, I actually thought that I would fail. Then I saw some similar exam prep questions and I calmed down. Becoming an Azure AI Engineer would had been unfathomable 12 months ago from June 2021. I just wanted to be multi-cloud when I passed my Azure Fundamentals in August 2020. Now 10 months later and I was an AI Engineer.

Top 5 Honorable Mention Of 2021

Time Management And Turnaround

This December, I’ve managed to pass a certification within 1- 11/2 weeks. It is out of necessity but I have learned the importance of prioritization during this process.

I trace my ability for a fast turnaround to 2020 when I had 4 AWS certifications on my Ohio Means Jobs training sheet. I only passed 1 certification per year. In 2020 I passed my ITIL 4 Create, Deliver and Support in February 2020 before the pandemic.

When the pandemic came PearsonVUE moved from offline to online exam proctoring. This allowed me to pass my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner in May 2020 and Solution Architect Associate in June 2020.

I continued earning my Azure Fundamentals certification in August 2020, Oracle Cloud Foundations Associate in September, Azure Data Fundamentals in October, Azure AI Fundamentals and Scrum Foundations Certificate in November.

Self-Financing My New Project Management Certifications

I have self-financed my Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) certifications after going on an interview and learning about how the pandemic shifted the project management industry. I learned that companies merged the business analyst/product owner and the scrum master and product owner roles. Furthermore, companies were using scaled agile scrum instead of traditional scrum.

Facebook Elevate (Now Meta Elevate) Scholarship

As a Blacks in Technology member, I received information about the Meta Elevate program. This program granted scholarships for Digital Marketing Associate certification for Black Creators. I applied and got accepted. Having been a content creator of over 6 years, becoming a Facebook marketing certified professional would enhance my competitive advantage.

Receiving ISTS DreamTech CISSP Scholarship

I started out this January 2021 studying for the CISSP but Mommy got heart disaeaes delaying those plans. However, I am back after winning my CISSP scholarship.

I have been in the IT industry for over 5 years and have accumulated the necessary skills and time to be a CISSP. I am ready to get to the next level in 2022. I will keep all of you posted on my progress.

Acceptance Into Google Cloud Jumpstart Program

I have been advocating about multi-cloud since May 2019 when I entered the Ohio Means Jobs Cuyahoga County office for my workforce development case. Over 2 ½ years later, I am happy to be AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud certified.

I still want to be Google cloud certified because it’s the number 3 cloud in the US. Now that I have been accepted into the GCP Jumpstart Program, I will have the opportunity to acquire my Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) certification. When I do in 2022 then I will be multi-cloud in the top 3 US cloud providers.

Heres’ to 2022!

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