Twentieth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap : Resume Review

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20 recaps! This is a milestone! I’ve started this GCP recap series to help you better understand the GCP Jumpstart program and everything that it entails.

Also in celebration of my 20th post, there is a new GCP Jumpstart blog category. You can go directly there for all things GCP Jumpstart.



I met with the GCP Jumpstart program manager to review my resume. I emailed her my resume and Monday’s GCP mentoring session summary ahead of our meeting. As soon as she saw Terraform, she gave me the GCP Cloud Skills Boost Terraform course.

Next we talked about my resume. She did admit that most HR and recruiters were non-technical (Thank you! I mentioned how when I interviewed the job description title said cloud engineer but the first line of the job said cloud administrator. Sheesh!).

She changed my resume so that the non-tech HR and recruiters would take a look at my resume. I felt that this was a productive session because I had someone who actually worked in HR and was working at Google review my resume. I got to see it from her perspective.



Perspective is something that I have been getting this week. First, on Monday, I learn how to discuss workplace culture with the non-AWS interviewer. Today I am getting how to tailor my resume for the non-tech HR to land a tech interview.

When I ask if you need to be GCP certified in order to land a job, she says since she’s hired 3-4 years ago, the certifications were just coming out. Now you may need to get GCP certified. I’ve figured as much yet want confirmation.

The GCP program manager has assigned me homework to revise my resume. I will do this over the weekend and return it back to her this Monday so that I may receive my job referral.


This morning I’ve introduced myself to the person who my GCP mentor referred me. I hope that I receive a response. In the meantime, I will keep working towards my current August certification goals and landing new cloud jobs.


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