Twenty-Eighth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap: GCP Certified Preferred

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In between Monday’s GCP mentoring session and today, a GCP recruiter reached out to me regarding my resume on Wednesday. I applied for a GCP position 2 weeks after formally receiving my GCP Cloud Digital Leader email and badge. I was very happy because I did feel like my certification boost my profile to the top of the stack.


I have rummaged through the GCP Jumpstart program manager’s interview email with all of the GCP-related job interview video links. I have watched nearly all of them to prepare ahead for Friday’s phone screen.

If you know anything about my previous Product Manager phone screen (it was a disaster!), you can read it here in the GCP Jumpstart blog series section. I just pray that this time that phone screen would be different.

Getting a response regarding my GCP application, makes me think if I should dedicate December towards completing the Google Cloud + Coursera Professional Cloud Architect learning path to get that exam voucher and pass my PCA. I don’t know yet but I am very happy that recruiters are responsive towards GCP Cloud Digital Leader being on my resume.

I am receiving responses outside of Google too. Other LinkedIn recruiters with GCP in the job descriptions are calling me. There is traction regarding having a GCP certification on your resume.

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