Twenty-Fifth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap: 25 Posts In

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Here we are. 25 GCP posts in. This is an impressive milestone. However, I am very happy that you’ve entrusted me to tell me Google Cloud journey along the way. I am grateful that you are reading my posts and using them to evaluate the Google Cloud Jumpstart and other GCP-related programs.


Today’s Mentoring Session

This is my first mentoring session since receiving my GCP Cloud Digital Leader that I wrote about in the 24th GCP Jumpstart issue. I feel very proud about this because it means that I am taking this GCP Jumpstart program very serious.

My meeting started with her asking me about Cloud Digital Leader. I told her that the Cloud Digital Leader was the hardest of the three (AWS, Azure and GCP) beginner certification. GCP expected you to know the definitions and use cases for artificial intelligence and machine learning; site reliability engineer use cases and advanced business cases (I have detailed all of this in my GCP Cloud Digital Leader Exam Tips + Experience blog posts).



Next was my interview updates. I told her about how one of my cloud interviews went bad because of the HR person’s failure to set up the interview prep, she empathized yet did not internalize it. That was a teachable moment for me because I never wanted people to take on negative emotional baggage (I rarely comment anyway!).

Another thing I talked about was evaluating certification return on investment. I have been doing statistics since 2002 way before Big Data and cybersecurity threat intelligence; however, I did not have any data analytics certifications because I did not want to be on this certification treadmill. Regarding GCP, the Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) and Professional Cloud Architect (PCA) were the two major GCP certifications that employers were looking for. Pointing these two out were important. Using myself as an example, I had the Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect Expert certification; however, the GCP Cloud Security Engineer Professional is not in demand like the Professional Cloud Architect.



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