Twenty-First Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap: Multicloud Matters

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Hey everybody! I am back with a brand-new installment. This time I have had a session with someone initially about Terraform. I have learned so much about Terraform and the cloud business.

I introduce myself telling him about the GCP Jumpstart program since he does not know anything about me. Then we get into Terraform.


Here’s what I’ve learned about Terraform

  • Mostly enterprise companies use it because they have many environments to maintain. Small and medium-sized companies just copy and paste the same image because they have only 1-2 environments to maintain.
  • Ansible is through Red Hat which also does Linux
  • My having working knowledge and experience is enough. Certification would be for larger companies.

Then conversation turns to him. He manages pre-sales engineers. These are the people who are subject matter experts and support the sales teams. His pre-sales engineers have controlled demo environment and do not run anything in the production environment like the service delivery team. They run live production and deployment environments.

This is a huge development for me because I have been doing both. I have the product knowledge but also deploy solutions. Now I will cast a wider net by applying for both divisions.




Speaking of Applying

I learn that there is an Azure security engineer opening. Immediate I mention my SC-200 Security Operations Analyst and SC-100 Cybersecurity Architect expert certifications after he mentions Microsoft Sentinel and Defender for Cloud. He then adds that my certifications mean that I would be a great candidate. That’s nice to know.


Well, I am here to talk about Google Cloud. He mentions that he already has 1 GCE Engineer but he does not have the ‘headcount’ aka funding. When I ask him what certifications the person he says ACE (Associate Cloud Engineer). I also help him with the second one (Professional Cloud Architect). He mentions that the company would hire the people and then give them an opportunity become GCP certified.

My opinion – I always come into the job with the certification because nothing is more stressful than starting a job with certification hanging over your forehead.

He has mentioned that becoming GCP certified is a competitive advantage because there are not as many versus AWS and Azure. This is something to think about especially since GCP is a top 3 cloud. To that end of being top 3, he says even though GCP is behind, it is still Google; and, to expect it to catch with AWS and Azure within 5 years.

Why Multi-cloud Matters

This session just proves why multi-cloud matters. If you’re AWS and Azure certified this means that you can solve many different problems. If you only know one cloud provider then You’re stuck if that company does not have the solution you’re accustomed to using. Multi-cloud is all about problem-solving.

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