Twenty-Four Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap : Cloud Digital Leader

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Wednesday, November 2, 2022, I received my actual GCP Cloud Digital Leader confirmation from Google. I took and passed the exam Thursday, September 27, 2022 and 6 days later here it was.


This is my first GCP certification. I have also solidified my multi-cloud dream of being AWS, Azure and GCP certified. It has been 2 years in the making.

I have written two articles related to my Cloud Digital Leader certification. The first one is in regards to my passing and the exam prep resources that I have used. The second post is my Kryterion experience and let me just say that it was a truly (bad) experience.


I am very happy about this because now I qualify for more opportunities. I have immediately started applying for multi-cloud and GCP jobs because now I have certification. That is how big receiving my Cloud Digital Leader is.

What’s Next?

I have my mentoring session next week Monday. I will send her my official certification so that we can talk about it. I am thinking about going for my Associate Cloud Engineer to retain my knowledge. cutting tech but not the ads (thus far) during this pre-Christmas season.

As always

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