Twenty-Ninth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap : Objectives And Key Results

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I am back with my final GCP mentoring session recap for 2022. Our next meeting will be in 2023. I have just had it this Monday, December 19, 2022 and want to get it out to you in case you’re interested in either Google Cloud, cloud computing or both!


Objectives And Key Results (OKR)

The title of this recap is objectives and key results (OKR). I have NEVER heard of OKR my entire time being in tech and cloud computing. Mind you I have received my first cloud certification in May 2020. I am brining up OKR because it is central to IT.

OKR was created by former Intel CEO Andy Grove to measure strategic objectives (objectives) and the tactical objectives (key results) used to achieve the strategic objectives. I personally feel like hearing about OKR is right on time with this being the end of 2022. OKR will give me a yard stick to measure how successful my 2022 has been both personally and professionally.


Applying OKR To My GCP Jumpstart Associate Cloud Engineer Program

I will say upfront that I have not finished the entire ACE track to receive the free exam voucher. With that being said, I will say that continuing my participation pass the exam prep with first the career development sessions and now the mentoring sessions, have helped me better understand what a cloud job actually entails. If I would have just stopped at the exam prep portion, I would have understood the job requirements.

The career development sessions help me learn the different cloud roles outside of cloud engineer and cloud architect. It also crystallizes what exactly what a customer engineer, partner engineer and site reliability experts are. I will credit Google will being clear since its foundation is search. Without the career development sessions, I would not have understood the cloud roles.

The mentoring session puts me in touch with actual GCP cloud engineers. I learn that Terraform is used by large enterprises and that as a cloud engineer with a small and medium-sized business, I would still be responsible for running scripts to address drift. I also learn that since I have over 1 year’s worth of cloud experience that I do not need to get the Associate Cloud Engineer certification. I should opt for the Professional Cloud Architect. Full disclosure, a couple of Medium articles have said the same thing; but, hearing it from an actual person makes it real for me because he is earning money. Overall the Jumpstart Program has helped me crystallize what to expect in a cloud role.


I would admit that I feel a little bit guilty about leaving the ACE track undone. It would hurt future ACE participants when it comes to being in the career development and mentoring. Also even though I am currently in two MS Dynamics job placement programs, I do feel like going through the ACE program would help me prepare for the Professional Cloud Architect. I will let everyone know.


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