Twenty-Sixth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap: Informational Interview

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This blog post is a continuation of the 25th GCP session recap because I am conducting an informational interview with the GCP cloud engineer who works at my mentor’s company.

FYI – Informational interviews ARE NOT job interviews. Please don’t ask for a job in the middle of the informational interview!



Daily Job Responsibilities


Now that we’ve squared that away, I will continue with my informational interview. He starts talking about his job. He is a design sales engineer who does both pre-sales and post-sales. Pre-sale is convincing the client to work with you. Post-sales is providing them with the solutions (GCP in this case) to reach your client’s business goals. It is rare to do both pre-sales and post-sales.

He is more of a solutions architect where he comes up with the GCP products and services to meet his clients’ business goals. He is not an engineer or developer who codes and assembles the GCP solutions.




GCP Certification


I ask him about his Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) and Professional Cloud Architect (PCA) certifications. He says that he has passed his ACE first because he thinks that he may have missed something en route to PCA. However, he realizes that he could have skipped the ACE and gone straight into the PCA because he has the experience.

I inquire further about this because I have been reading about this sentiment on Medium articles. He says that if you have any cloud experience then you don’t need to take the ACE. He continues saying that the PCA is more strategic and managerial; whereas, the ACE is more tactical and technical. He says that for his design sales engineer he uses his PCA.


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